Virtualizor  (The most powerful cloud panel) Virtualizor can be define as a powerful web based VPS Control Panel where a user can easily manage VPS on servers just with a single click. Virtualizor easily supports Xen, Proxmox, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, KVM, LXC, etc which is hourly billing system inbuilt within. Virtualizor consists of an intuitive interface with 

Built-in features that powerup your business like powerful API, pre-made OS template, Powerful Clustering, Multiple Virtualization, Realtime Statistics, and many more. Some of the important features of Virulizor are as discussed below. 

Easy Automation with Popular Billing Systems: Virtualizor easily supports remote creation of Virtual Machines therefore as soon as you accept the Order (Automatically or Manually) WHMCS/Blesta can be configured to create the VPS. One can easily manage VPS directly with these modules. As the process is fully automated using the Virtualizor API, the desired VPS is automatically controlled at the server.

High Availability:  Virtualizor supports High availability infrastructure feature, which means that the quality of a system or component assures a high level of operational performance for a given period.

Fully Automated Backups: Virtualizor supports fully auto backup of VMs. Here one can set up a backup frequency hourly weekly, daily or even monthly depends. Virtulizor supports Local and Remote backups too over FTP and SSH

Powerful Clustering:  Here creating a cluster is a very easy task. Just a few clicks over a mouse and no more messing about the terminal anymore and your job is done. One can add and remove a server very easily from a cluster within a minute. Resources like CPU, RAM, and Disk used by the main server or the slave servers can be easily monitored.