What is LiteSpeed Webserver?

Every Web Hosting Company requires the good speed and error free servers where they can host their websites. Hence choosing the high performance and wonderful results for your hosting is difficult to achieve but it is not impossible. Thus, after a lot of research for getting the best web server, I found the one which is really very helpful and one of the great solution for growing the business worldwide. It gives the best result in terms of performance as well as high scalability. Many of the System administrators are now using the LiteSpeed as it provides them with outstanding results improving user experiences even more. It optimizes all the load of Apache web server and hence is interchangeable. As per the surveys of W3Techs ie World Wide Web Technology Surveys, it ranks 4th amongst the most popular web servers. It uses Linux, Solaris and OS X etc. LiteSpeed can be surely recommended as not only it performs well with the speed but also it serves as a good choice for the websites to be hosted such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal as it easily increases the PHP performance and security.

Speed is considered as one of the most important factor to let users stay on your websites for long, if the speed will be slow, it will automatically degrade the performance. Hence be careful about it and take the steps accordingly. It not only takes care about the speed and performance but also it helps you with prevention of any kind of attacks on your server.

Benefits of LiteSpeed : 

  • Providing clear and fastest results.
  • It is not only the replacement of open source Apache server but also reads all its configuration files.
  • Lightweight Software and provides you with easy installation steps so that novices can understand easily.
  • Having LiteSpeed means you are free from worrying about the troubles of overloaded servers.
  • Provides Real Time monitoring services.

LiteSpeed Web Server Editions : There are 3 Editions namely : OpenLiteSpeed Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.

All the 3 Editions are explained below. Have a look .

1) OpenLiteSpeed Edition :

This Edition is available for free and can be used by anyone. It simply means that hosting can be managed by oneself, no need of any hosting control panel. It is compatible with high traffic websites and consist of built in page caching. It is the good choice to use for personal use.

2) Standard Edition :

This Edition is used for small websites. It is also available free and is Apache compatible and with hosting panels. It works well with the web servers using the cloud infrastructure. Also used for personal and commercial use.

3) Enterprise Edition :

It uses both the features of above Editions that is high and large traffic websites makes the use of this and is compatible with hosting control panels. Offers you high stability and offers you outstanding support. It  also helps you with web hosting providers whose job is to sell the service to other party.

Hence, all the above three Editions support HTTP 1.0/1.1 compliant and HTTP/2 support. Moreover, Uses Languages such as PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, JSP, etc. This 3 Editions also run large number of PHP versions on single server.

Major Features of LiteSpeed

Apache Compatiblity : 

It has gained the great achievement with this type of feature as it a replacement of Apache Web Server as mentioned earlier. All the 3 Editions works perfectly with Apache mod_rewrite rules. Apache mod_security rules are followed by standard and enterprise only. It gives you the best result without any trouble and downtime. It allows to read and replace the configuration files directly.

Performance & Scalability :

Good architecture and speed matters alot for any type of websites. Thus once they are handled with proper care increases the performance and scalability. When the performance is good, it allows you to handle multiple clients without any load on the web server. All your code and contents are optimized properly so that if any problem occurs it will helps you to manage all the attacks without any difficulty.

Security :

Security is the main concern to be considered while running business. All your websites and servers on which the websites are hosted must be protected and secured. It features Anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling, Anti SSL BEAST and negotiation attack capabilities, Strict HTTP request validation. It blocks all the IPs which unnecessary ask for connections. All the new updates are detected and analyzed for better security.

Cost Effective :

As we know now it is very easy to switch from Apache to LiteSpeed. But one can worry thinking about the cost. So no worries with this as it is completely cost effective reducing the server costs as well as relaxes system admins and technicians from server problems. LiteSpeed will make sure that all your processes working properly as well helps in balancing the load.