What is KernelCare?


The kernel is nothing but the middleware that connects the application software to the hardware. Hence it is also called as central module of Operating System. It is very important for the kernel to be as small as possible as it stays in memory. Still having small size, it manages everything that occurs in the system including managing requests from softwares, doing translation process and much more. It also takes part in communication with the peripherals like printers, speakers etc. It also handles interrupts and execution processes. There are different approaches and functions of kernel which makes it more effective to use. Furthermore, it is also responsible for memory, task and disk management.

Hence now we understood what the kernel is and how it is important to you. But what is the KernelCare? Thus KernelCare works simply the name it possess. In simple words it cares for the kernel and allows you to update latest kernel updates without taking much efforts. You do not need to reboot the servers for this purpose, as it automatically does it for you. Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed VPS and Managed Dedicated solutions include KernelCare.

There are some of the advantages of KernelCare and they are :

  • Provides you with automatic and fast updates.
  • Saves most of the time and speed up the performance as no reboot is required.

Why the kernelCare Needed ?

As we know that the administrator is the one who takes care about all the processes. He has some kind of responsibilities to make sure that he is using the latest kernel updates and to know about the security patches to avoid the server’s issues. Kernels can be updated manually but it is not a good option as it will take time and will impact your business. Not only your business will be impacted also the admin will be frustrated and stressed as it is mandatory to reboot the servers once kernel updates to latest version. Hence to overcome the issues of server, kernel panics or timing issues which can slower down your process, hence there comes this KernelCare concept. It will fix all the problems of the servers coming on your way and will help you to get the work done in a given period of time.

Operating Systems Supported are as follows : 

  • CentOS/RHEL 5, 6 and 7
  • Cloud Linux 5 and 6
  • OpenVZ
  • Virtuozzo
  • PCS
  • Debian 6 & 7
  • Ubuntu 14.04

Below are some of the benefits & features of kernel care

1 ) Automated kernel patching, without reboots

Be always updated with the latest version of Kernel on server. Hence it is one of the benefit of KernelCare as it allows for automatic kernel patching without rebooting the system. Also it saves your lots of time.

2) Latest security & stability upgrades

It is very easy to have the kernel on your servers but the difficult task is to manage it with the latest security and upgrades. Thus KernelCare is one of the software extension which checks for the patches every 4 hours. All the patches are downloaded automatically. thus there is no need to check for the upgrade every now an then as all this work is to be done by KernelCare only.

3) Takes minutes to install

Very easy to use and install without taking much effort and time. Installation doesnt require rebooting the server.

4) Prompt patches roll out

After monitoring the security mailing lists, if found any security vulnerabilities affecting supported kernels then the patch for that is to be created.

5) No performance impact

KernelCare is loaded with patches using a special kernel module taking care of system performance.

6) Ability to roll back changes

This feature helps you to roll back all the necessary changes required running the special command.

Hence all the above benefits and features recommends you to have a KernelCare.