What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is a graphical Webhosting Control Panel, it is one of the easiest control panels to use which is clean and efficient to use right from new user to advance user. DirectAdmin is programmed in such a way that it is the fastest control panel to use. One of the best quality of DirectAdmin it avoids downtime by automatically recovers from crashes.

Operating system requirements for DirectAdmin installations:

Following Partition scheme can be used for Direct Admin installation:


Processor of at least 500
Minimum 1 GB of memory (2+ GB is preferred)
Hard Drive with 2 gigabytes of free space with Linux installed

SSH must be installed and working fine.
Ensure named (Name Daemon) is selected during the Redhat install
Gcc and g++ are required to compile apache and php.
The system kernel and filesystem must support quotas. The kernel should support IPv6.

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