What is CloudLinux and how it helps shared hosting servers?

Cloud Linux

It is totally agreed that most of the things for the companies is difficult to achieve, even the things cant be stable, problems can come and overcome. But to be successful and getting a desired result for any input you need to work smartly with proper solution. we also know that While running any business or organization, it is quite obvious to take the risk. Sometimes this risk can be helpful and sometimes it cant work for you, but don’t stop, go with the flow of positive and smarter steps to grow your business worldwide. In the Similar way only, here comes the concept of Cloud Linux. Most of you must be wondering what it is actually and how it is helpful for shared hosting companies ?

What is Cloud Linux ? 

Cloud Linux is a kernel technology based on linux operating system which helps the system administrator taking the good control over the servers so that they can remain stable and work actively providing the best output improving user experiences even more. Thus the main purpose of Cloud Linux is to take care about the servers and to improve the performance and reliability. Cloud Linux proves that it is the user’s best friend as it helps isolating users as well as works with multiple accounts. It came in market in year 2010. As it is very popular, safe and secure, many of the hosting companies uses Cloud Linux. It is also used by design companies for hosting their websites on behalf of clients.

Some of the benefits of Cloud Linux. 

  • It is totally confidential.
  • Improved stability, security and server efficiency.
  • Proper monitoring and control limits are provided such as CPU, RAM and I/O usage.
  • Protect against server crash problems.
  • Provided multiple PHP versions and hence can be selected by end users and much more.

How Cloud Linux help shared hosting environment ?

Shared hosting server environment is cheapest than the dedicated hosting.  As the name itself suggest that it is used for sharing the resources amongst all connected with that single server. It allows multiple accounts to be hosted on single server. Many of the websites nowadays are in verge of increasing too many resources just to attract the visitors, but the designers and developers should know that increase in resources can also slow down their server. Hence again the server problems will be faced by the customers only. It will not only affect the single customer but the whole team working upon it. Not only in the case of the shared hosting but also the traditional hosting doesn’t work as it is not possible to set the limit for RAM and CPU for every single account. Hence it will only give the unsatisfactory results to the customers and indirectly loss to business as well. Thus it is very important to find a solution so that the customers should be happy.

What happens when such issues occur in a Cloud Linux hosting environment?

As now it is known that when the server issues are faced, it directly causes the hosting environment, it can also happened in Cloud Linux environment when the website account reaches the limit of set resources resulting in slowing down the sites. Hence it will again degrade the performance and will stop working unless and until the issues are resolved. Thus, every problem has the solution for it, thus this issue can also be resolved if the limits of resources are controlled and stored in container or some place just for security purpose.

Outstanding Features of Cloud Linux. 

Outstanding Features of Cloud Linux.

1) Own set of server resources for each customer :

Cloud Linux comes with the LVE i.e lightweight virtualized environment. It helps in maintaining all your account information as it is totally confidential and also it make sure that the resources which are allocated to individual customer should not be shared with any of the website accounts.

2) Advanced server security :

It benefits the user by preventing from attacks and stoling of private information thus providing proper security. It also helps in increasing server efficiency which provide the way to host the multiple accounts on your cPanel and WHM server.

3) Secured & Hardened Kernel :

It is sometimes very difficult to judge the person’s behaviour visiting your site. So it is very important taking care of the servers where your websites are hosted preventing from the malicious users which can harm your accounts. Thus Cloud Linux uses hardened kernel for this purpose as it helps in keeping your servers more secure.

4) Multiple version of PHP :

It comes packed with the great feature of PHP selector which provides you with various PHP versions so that users can choose the one of their choice. Users can also adjust php.ini settings. Properly chosen User Interface helps customers alot choosing the versions, select the extensions, and adjust PHP settings.

5) Stable MySQL Database Performance :

It is quite obvious sometimes that performance of MySQL databases can frustrate system admins because keeping the MySQL stable is not so easy and even the customer queries slow down the overall process. Hence to solve this problem Cloud Linux contains MySQL Governor which provides the way to system admins to deal with abusers and throttle them in real time. This MySQL Governor feature of not only supports MySQL and MariaDB but also helps in tracking the website accounts.

Conclusion : Hence Using the Linux Cloud technology makes the shared hosting environment stable, efficient and reliable, thus increasing the performance of servers as well and also finally it helps making customers satisfied.